Elegant, glamorous, refined and refined, Atelier Vanìa shoes are designed and made specifically from 40 to 46.
Atelier Vanìa is a luxury brand, which was born with the desire to realize the dream of all those people who love women’s shoes, but who cannot find a satisfactory answer on the current market.
Our commitment is to guarantee an opportunity that until now, people who wear shoes from 40 to 46 have not had: enhancing their uniqueness by wearing the shoes of their dreams.


The brand boasts with enthusiasm a now gained experience in the footwear sector and in the management of the family business.
The shoes are made by the skilled hands of master shoemakers and with the attention to detail that only characterizes Made in Italy.
The care and dedication we put into our work are aimed at every single pair of shoes. High quality materials, combined with a refined and refined modeling, are essential ingredients for us.

The founder, Alfredo Vanìa, born in 1974, started the Atelier Vanìa project in 2019. The love for women’s shoes and in particular for heels has been handed down since 1937, the year in which grandfather Alfredo born in 1901, founded one of the first heel factories in Italy, calling it Tacchificio Meridionale. The evolution of the tacchificio comes with his son Giacomo who brings innovation and changes the name to Vanplast. Today Vanplast is led by the founder of the Atelier Vania brand.

The uniqueness of the heels of the Atelier Vania Brand are a distinctive sign compared to the shoes currently on the market. The shoes are 100% Made in Italy.

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